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Who we are: TJP is a band of jazz artists with years of educational experience in schools and universities around the world. These universities include Dong Hua University, Berlin University of the Arts, University of the Arts, Temple University, University of Southern Mississippi, California Jazz Conservatory, Rowan University, Philadelphia Performing Arts and many others. 
Paul Jost - Vocals/Arranger
Tony Miceli - Vibraphone/Arranger
Kevin MacConnell - Bass
Tim Horner - Drums

What we do as educators: As a group or individually, we lead workshops, teach seminars, rehearse and perform in concerts with students. We have Big Band charts of music from the 60’s and 70’s that are interesting and challenging for students.

What can we do at your school:
Workshops on arranging music
Workshops on Improvisation
Breakout Workshops on individual instruments
One-on-one lessons
Workshops based on our experience
Ensemble Coaching
Perform (and rehearse) with your students using our Big Band charts

What they’re saying …
Student: Saxophonist Sam Greenfield said when he was a student , “Playing with them has been an incredible learning experience. They are the heavyweights. Every time I hear them play, I feel like I’m learning something new.”

University: Marc Dicciani of University of the Arts was thrilled to share his classrooms and stage with “these three renowned professionals.”  

Educator: Dr. Jack Carr, Principal, Philadelphia Performing Arts said ...“TJP challenged our students to express musical ideas in many new and innovative ways. They opened musical improvisation as a totally new frontier."