Image Matters by Sharla Feldscher

As the manager and publicist for The Jost Project (and for many performers and performing groups), I'm going to occasionally share tips that I hope will be helpful. 

Sometimes when I go to a gig, I look at the band on the stage and I wonder -- who dresses them? You may not even notice, but as a publicist, I do. I know that image matters. An artist is always selling himself. After all, as trite as this sounds, it's the "whole package". If we have a photo shoot and one of our guys wears jeans that are sloppy looking, I cringe! Um, tee shirts, too. (Okay, Tony -- feel free to chime in here!) Check photos of successful bands. Most of them, okay, not all of them, have a "look." Someone is planning it and knows it matters.

So, take a look in the mirror. Imagine this person on the stage, what impression would he (or she) present. Of course, I'm talking about you. I'm not saying you should be phony or something other than yourself, but come up with a look that feels comfortable to you and still looks good to your audience.

Got a thought? Feel free to share it with me .... Sharla Feldscher -