Reimagine Everything by Tony Miceli

It’s great how one word can change everything. Now this word comes along that for me somehow puts John Lennon in my mind. ‘Reimagine’. That's what we do. The Jost Project (TJP) plays rock music in a Jazz format. We’re doing the same thing every jazz musician has done before us. I hope nobody thinks this is a new thing! 

Here is Miles Davis reimagining music from the Disney Film, Cinderella.

Here is John Coltrane playing a song from Mary Poppins! 

TJP reimagines rock songs in a jazz format. That’s officially what we do. We are doing nothing new in theory. It’s amazing when a jazz club doesn’t understand this! But it’s on us to get our message out there. It's not easy either. It can be hard convincing Jazzaudiences they'll like our style of rock and the same for rock audiences, who seem to be afraid of Jazz. That's our goal -- to get more audiences into Jazz through the music they know and grew up with.

Young musicians are doing great stuff ‘reimagining’ tunes and I hope musicians do a lot of reimagining, and, from our recent history, it will pay off. 

We should all reimagine things! Why not reimagine your life, reimagine your relationship, reimagine your job. Take something that’s been around for a while, make it fresh, new and (oh yeah the other buzz word) make it "relevant" to today?